Creamy scones, full breakfast, snack boxes, decent airline food finally take off.


Aer Lingus offers a full breakfast for passengers this summer.

The taste of aviation food may seem controversial, but now delicious food and drinks can be obtained at 35,000 feet.

Guests can enjoy caramel lattes for dessert, Belgian chocolate mousse, and coffee crackers.

Ryanair Meatless Foods

Ryanair is selling vegan-baked wide noodles this summer for 5.35 pounds and a scented latte for 2.60 pounds.

Full breakfast

Aer Lingus offers a full breakfast of 9 pounds, including sausages, bacon, tomatoes, hash brown pudding, McCambridge black bread, Irish butter, and marmalade.

Travelers can also choose from a 5-pound Guinness pulp pastry or a 4.50-pound pure beer, a new non-alcoholic beer.

Meal deals are as common in the air as they are on the street. Choose any sandwich and drink from The Viz’s menu, and snacks such as KitKat Chocolate Weyed Biscuits are available for free.

Soft drinks are 5.35 pounds, beer or wine is 7.50 pounds.

High-altitude Nando’s Food Can’t resist the food at Nando’s?

Jet2 improves high-altitude food tastes by offering a new flying snack box that includes pita cookies, chickpea puree, and Nando’s food.

Book champagne and chocolate

Travelers can add to the romance of the trip by booking Tui Air’s champagne and chocolates.

If the price of 34 pounds is too high, try a comfortable diet, and a large packet of crisps and ketchup can be purchased for 2.50 pounds.

Creamy Scone Cakes

British Airways offers scones with jam and cream as part of the afternoon tea picnic box.

For a short-haul British Airways flight, order an afternoon tea box with Sultana Scant, Tiptree strawberry jam and Devon’s condensed cream.

On a long-haul flight in the high-end economy, you can enjoy a new free cocktail, and the best choice at the moment is gin.

High-altitude food coupons Whatever you eat on an EasyJet flight can be via prepaid snack coupon.

Buy online and get a coupon for 5 pounds for 4 pounds.

Top easyJet food includes a bacon roll with HP sauce, which costs from 4.50 pounds.

Personalized snack bar On a Norwegian dream plane, you’ll find a “personal snack bar” for food and drink. Make a purchase choice by swiping your credit card under the seat back tv screen, and the staff will bring food to your seat. The best options include a classic ham and cheese bread for 5.50 pounds.

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