Handle or a chicken-eating device? With it Huawei mobile phone seconds change game phone

Hand-swimming tropical game mobile phone mouth, the birth of black shark and many other game mobile phones. But for players, it’s like not that not many people will do that by buying a mobile phone for a hand tour.


In fact, what you do not know is that now we only need a Beitong H1 unilateral gamepad can make their mobile phone seconds into a game mobile phone, one-click God operation, perfect match game mobile phone!



Easy connection Flagship phone transforms game console Many players impression of the gamepad, need a variety of adaptation, mapping, many need to exclusive APP to compare complex settings, in order to play games with the normal connection of the phone. And Being as a professional game peripheral manufacturers, and Huawei, glory has reached deep cooperation, Bluetooth connection can be quickly played, there is no need to adapt or activate and other operations. Put in the phone, turn on Bluetooth, automatically connect the open handle to play the game, it is so simple!


Flagship phone instantly transform game phone! Of course, even if it is not Huawei Glory series of mobile phones, other Android phones can also download the official “Left Tour Game Hall” APP activation mapping, while the IOS side is the adaptation of the “Psychic Mode” advanced mapping, Apple devices do not have to wait for a third-party game update to play the game. Since the official game data is not modified, the game does not need to be set up to connect peripherals, so the final match is still the hand player.



Northpass H1 feel-free Beitong H1 in the modeling of the use of ergonomic design, in line with the majority of users of the use of habits, rocker keycap and card slot using soft rubber material, in the process of use can improve the feel, increase stability, even if the long operation of the use will not feel tired.


More Bluetooth 5.0 technology plus holding, handle information rate transmission more stable and fast.

Popular one-sided gamepad design, which is currently one of the most mainstream design methods, allows the player’s left hand more precise control of the movement of the character, even if the posture complex multi-finger operation, the player can easily achieve through the handle. Of course, the strength of Beitun H1 is not just that.


The handle has built-in macro programming function, support key function customization, one-click to trigger the function of complex operations, whether the king or eat chicken can be a quick step, easy to play God operation!


One-click God operation Beitong H1 easy score In addition to the lift on the feel experience, be it through H1 unilateral gamepad on the operation of the game itself is great.



Take king glory as an example, some skills even a test hand speed, many players even know how to complete the trick, because the hand speed is not fast enough, so it is difficult to play out, Beitong H1 unilateral gamepad in the setting sits specifically set a one-click recruitment function, one key can quickly hit the enemy to complete the killing, easy five kills, the king!


In “Peace Elite”, Beitong H1 handle function keys can be triggered by the “macro programming” function one-click trigger ingress complex operations, players can easily change the settings according to their own habits and scenes, play out their new tricks, to achieve the game of one-click, one-click ten shots, one-click Worship Buddha, Auxiliary pressure gun and other game masters often play the complex key action. Take the one-click ten-shot operation as an example, by adjusting the preset key to the maximum, you can feedback 10 times in a certain period of time, that is, the equivalent of 10 clicks on the screen. For M16 or SKS guns, make them automatic instantaneously. In the war, the speed of shooting is much higher than the opponent, why not eat chicken?


In the race game of running go-karts, the use of Beitun H1 can easily achieve multi-finger operation. The field of view is wide, the direction control is sensitive and delicate.


More in the default key, add a key shake to accelerate the key, by pressing the LT key of North pass H1, the character will begin to shake the rock ingress, do not need to be distracted can reach the shake of the head acceleration, fast lightning.



The above experience can be seen, Beitong H1 has strong hardware as the basis, more built-in one-click recruitment, one-click ten shots, and other God operation functions, you can fully enjoy the pleasure of the game! For Huawei, users is not required to activate, plug and play, mobile phone one-second change game console. At present, Beitong H1 has been sold on the whole network, want to faster and faster points, Beitong H1 absolutely can not be missed.


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