Is the Samsung Note 10 released is the Samsung S10 still worth buying?

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 10 finally lifted its mystery in the early hours of this morning. Every time these Android vendors release a new machine, people will ask: “the first half just released a new machine, the second half of the year, which one should I buy?”

Due to a large number of versions, we only compare with the top version of the two series of phones this time.
Samsung S10: Easy to carry 3.5mm headphone connector is still in place In late February, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S10 series.

From the specific parameters, the Galaxy S10 plus machine thickness of only 7.94 mm, weight 198 grams, support IP68 waterproof and dustproof, equipped with Samsung mobile phone history of the largest screen, up to 6.7 inches, surface design, no Liuhai, ultra-narrow chin and border, screen proportion of 89.26%.
At the same time, the S10 Plus uses a Dynamic AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3040 x 1440, supports HDR10 plus, peak brightness of 1200it, ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition, covering Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass, and is equipped with a Dragon 855 processor.

On the camera side, the Samsung S10 features six cameras, a dual camera with a front of 10 million-plus 8 megapixels, and a four-camera with a total of 40 megapixels.
With a battery capacity of 4500mAh, the Samsung S10 Plus supports fast charging, NFC and 5G technology. Compared to the Samsung Note 10, Samsung S10’s biggest advantage comes from three points. For one thing, the Samsung S10 is positioned to be a younger user base, so the Overall S10 Series is thinner and easier to carry than the Note10 series.

The S10 series is much lighter than the Note10 series, regardless of size or weight. Second, the Samsung S10 series phones still retain the 3.5mm headphone connector.
While wireless Bluetooth headsets have become a big trend across the mobile phone industry, the S10 retains a 3.5mm headphone connector that allows some headphone enthusiasts to find a reason to buy it. Third, the Samsung S10 is cheaper than the Note 10.

This is undoubtedly the biggest buying factor for users who value price/performance ratio.
Samsung Note10: S Pen Brings Diversity Microsoft Boosts Software Half a year later, the Samsung Note 10 was on its gotto.

The improved performance of the Note10 is self-inflicted, and Microsoft’s partnership with Samsung is blowing a fresh wind. The Samsung Note 10 Series features a Dynamic AMOLED “punched” full screen with a 6.8-inch Note 10 plus screen size and a resolution of 3040×1440, supporting HDR10 plus standards.
The Samsung Galaxy Note10 series is available in Qualcomm Dragon 855 and Exynos 9825, and memory will be available in 12GB plus 256GB and 12GB plus 512GB. In terms of cameras, the Samsung Note 10 Plus features five cameras, an F2.2, 80-megapixel 10-megapixel camera on the front and a four-camera with a total of 40 megapixels on the rear.

The Samsung Note 10 Plus has a battery capacity of 4300mAh to support 45w fast charge. In addition, as a practice for the Note series, the Note10 series will continue to be accompanied by the S Pen. The S Pen has been upgraded on the range of up to 11 hours.

The S Pen also includes aerial gestures, allowing users to use the stylus as a remote control. Compared to the Samsung S10, Note 10’s biggest advantage comes mainly from the addition of the S Pen and Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft. At the Samsung launch, Microsoft CEO Nadella made an unexpected appearance. Nadella says they will support a smoother connection between the Note10 and Windows, allowing users to view notifications, messages, and pictures directly from their phones on their computers.

Samsung, which previously launched the DeX Smart Docking, has been enhanced by the device’s ability to connect to a computer via USB, allowing users to drag and drop files between their phone and computer, or run apps on their phones. In addition, the smart stylus S Pen is a big advantage of the Samsung Note 10. At first, The S Pen was simply a root pen. In the last two years, Samsung has started adding a number of smart features to the S Pen, increasing its own use of the scene, and users do not just use it for notes and drawings.

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