It turns out that samoya dogs are so “horrible”, no wonder there are fewer people!

Samoye dog sex wenshun, lively dog breed, in the sled three silly Samoye face value is also very high, and the character is not so nervous, but if you want to raise Samoye, then advise you to think clearly better, because the appearance is docile it, there is a terrible side, let the small editor for everyone to say this little devil!

When you see a very white and very good-looking Samoye, you will envy the dog owner, but beautiful also have to pay when you own a very white and very clean Samoye, you will know. Wash the dog once a week, if you go to the pet shop that is two hundred a week, their own wash is an afternoon wash and blow cleaning, but also wash themselves again!

Although Samoye is meek, it is precisely because it is not a little defensive to strangers, but also particularly easy to eat what should not be eaten. There is a Samoye simply do not look good home, because it is too good for people, see the thief may also think is to accompany it play with the small partner!

There is also Samoye also special playful, if you do not take it out of the sport all day, then Samoye will become a small demon, your home to tear up scattered, because the demolition is the motivation to vent. So raising a Samoye needs to take it out every day for about two hours, but this goods are smart and delicious, as long as in training with some dog snacks (chicken dry deodorant), you can make it obedient!

If you’ve had a samoy, you know it’s not as simple as it gets, especially during the hair change season, and you might wonder if it’s snowing all the time in your home.
For hair loss this point, it is recommended that the owner must usually control the salt absorption of Samoye, dog food is best to choose a light low salt, nutritional balance, effectively reduce samoye hair, tears and so on!

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