Sports Creation Strong Wuhu County To Do “Sports Plus” Article

Wuhu County, a place full of sports feelings. National Mountain Bike Challenge, Cross Country Car Challenge, Wuhu County Half Marathon, fencing, weightlifting, judo, science and technology sports and other national and provincial sports events held in the county many times.

In recent years, Wuhu county committee, county government pay more attention to the development of sports, and constantly do enough “sports plus” article, mass sports activities vigorously carried out, the level of competitive sports improved year by year, sports infrastructure is constantly improved, a “people-centered, health-based” road to health for the whole people is steadily paved.

Sports and venue planning, “around the venue” people more human In the context of the people’s enthusiasm for fitness, Wuhu County upholds the concept of infrastructure first, increasing investment in national fitness projects, strengthening sports infrastructure and system construction, scientific planning and coordination of the national fitness venues around the masses, and effectively building a “people-friendly, convenient for the people” national fitness service system.

At present, 69 administrative villages in Wuhu County have achieved full coverage of the farmers’ sports and fitness projects, the county has built 715 stadiums of various types, 198 national fitness paths, the total area of the stadium is about 950,000 square meters, the per capita space area of 3.14 square meters, ranked first in the city.

5 towns are built a national fitness square, of which 4 towns of the national fitness square area of more than 3000 square meters, Baytown, Huaqiao Town National Fitness Square for the national township national fitness square, East Lake Park, Civic Square for the county’s largest area of outdoor sports activities, daily exercise nearly 10,000 people.

In recent years, “Ma Jia line” “A4 waist” and other network hot words detonated the circle of friends, app record management exercise fitness habits have also become a major trend of social life, in the national health to the top national strategic height of the policy favorable period, in order to guide more people to participate in fitness, scientific fitness, To build a sports building with Wuhu County characteristics, the county started construction of the National Fitness Center in September 2016 and officially opened to the public in October 2018 with a market-oriented operation model.

The center is located on the north side of the county’s second campus, adjacent to East Lake Park, with a total construction area of 7215 square meters, covering swimming pool, table tennis hall, national physical fitness monitoring station, and comprehensive gymnasium and other fitness functions.

The opening of the center aroused the desire of the whole people to “taste fresh”, the masses of offline sports, online sharing, the national fitness center of the daily door if the city, can be said to truly open a new model of national fitness.

Sports and talent training, “combination of physical education” to promote the vigorous development of competitive sports Wuhu County adheres to the road of combining physical education and supports the development of special sports.

The sports speciality school, represented by county two, by virtue of the East Lake Youth Club and the elite sports teacher team, aiming at the goal of training the reserve talents of sports, with the “professional” of competitive sports to accommodate the “comprehensive” quality education, in the national seven-a-side rugby championship, Anhui Province youth weightlifting championship, provincial games fencing competition, Wuhu County campus football league and other large and small events vigorously carry forward the tenacious struggle, the courage to challenge the sports spirit, all the way forward, over the years for Wuhu County’s sports cause has made remarkable achievements.

According to incomplete statistics, registered Wuhu County young athletes won a total of fencing, weightlifting, rugby, kayaking, track and field, archery and other national competition stakes 11, provincial or above competition champion more than 100, competitive sports can be said to be fruitful. Stand high to see far. Wuhu County to give full play to the role of Wuhu County youth amateur sports school, in strict accordance with high standards to train sports reserve talent, up to now, has been more than the province fencing, weightlifting, rugby, track and field, kayaking and other sports teams to transport talented people 17 people, won the national level, the title of the second-level athletes more than 100 people.

The development of competitive sports has not only become an effective way to promote the development of mass sports but also set up a bridge to publicize Wuhu County and display Wuhu county image.

Sports and industrial integration, old and new kinetic energy conversion to achieve tourism rich county

Wuhu County ecological beauty, rich tourism resources, in recent years is to adhere to the system thinking and “sports plus” concept, continuously held a number of sports brand events with greater impact, and strive to become bigger and stronger “sports and events” this article, mining tourism rich county new momentum.

Six Lang Town to the 13 thud embankment reinforcement and flood rescue channel construction as an opportunity, high standards to build a bicycle theme park, for five consecutive years successfully held the National Bicycle Challenge, so that this activity has become a brand event inside and outside the province;

Anhui Satellite TV broadcast the event live, Baytown, Six Lang Town, Hongyang Town, Huaqiao Town, and Xinwu Economic Development Zone will be part of the main road in the greening and land use and road renovation, to create one of the most beautiful tracks in Jiangnan marathon track, for four consecutive years successfully held the Wuhu County Half Marathon … As we all know, a good event can not only serve people’s livelihood but also activate the vitality of a city.


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