The brutal and disorderly growth of the medical and American industry should be controlled

Industry Observation: The brutal disorderly growth of the medical and American industry should be controlled/ Zhu Ping With the younger generation after the ’90s, 00 and so on becoming the mainstream of consumption, “face consumption” has become a new hot spot under the consumption upgrade.

In the future, medical beauty is expected to continue to grow under the influence of the upgrading of medical technology and the opening of beauty concepts.

Data show that in 2018, China’s plastic surgery population of more than 10 million, has overtaken the United States and other countries to become the largest plastic surgery, China has become the world’s second-largest medical market and annual growth rate of 40%. However, there is also a lot of confusion in the process of the rapid growth of Chinese medicine and beauty.

Changjiang Hua, president of the Cosmetics and Plastics Branch of the Chinese Physicians Association, pointed out that, especially in the last 20 years, government supervision, personnel training, business operations are difficult to keep up with this pace of development. In the interview, Huaxi Biological Chairman Zhao Yan also admitted that the current medical and aesthetic bank there are outstanding problems, chaos, it is difficult to establish a kind of trust among consumers.

Not only that, now the medical and American institutions have a high cost of access to the hospital, the direct cause of the chaos is the frequency of medical accidents, non-medical institutions repeatedly banned. A set of data released by the New Oxygen Platform on a southern city survey shows that there are only 43 formal medical institutions in the city, and the number of beauty salons exceeds 6,000, 95 percent of which claim to be injectable with oliguric acid or microplastic, and countless micro-whole studios are hard to count.

According to the China Plastic and Aesthetic Association data, 70% of the products sold in the domestic market are counterfeit and water. 21st-century economic reporters also on boric acid, botulinum toxin and other medical injection products have been investigated, found that a number of unqualified studios engaged in such medical beauty operations, or with qualified institutions, or can invite doctors to the studio injection, the cost is much cheaper than regular medical institutions.

Some unqualified studios even take high-end routes, hiding in high-end apartments and office buildings in the form of membership. Another new data shows that the number of black-market merchants in China’s medical and American markets is more than 10 times that of regular merchants. In 2018, the size of China’s medical and U.S. formal market reached 87.8 billion yuan, up 46.4% YoY, with nearly 10,000 formal medical institutions providing services.

The black market size of medical and American funds reached 136.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24.26% YoY, with more than 100,000 illegally practicing studios, beauty salons, and other institutions. Compared with the corresponding compliance, illegal doctor data.

According to the “Underground Black Needle” White Paper on Chinese Medical Beauty, jointly released by the China Data Research Center and the China Plastic and Aesthetic Association, there are about 17,000 medical and aesthetic compliance practitioners, while the number of illegal practitioners exceeds 150,000, almost nine times that of compliance physicians. When the formal mechanism is injected with boric acid, it is equipped with diuretic acid solubility.

If the acid is not injected in the correct position, it may cause blood vessel blockage, tissue necrosis, and other problems.

But many informal medical institutions surveyed by 21st Century Economic Reports do not respond, which means that consumers may lose the best period of remedial care, resulting in irreversible harm to the body.

In this regard, a number of industry insiders pointed out that, in view of the current situation of medical and American industrial development, from a regulatory point of view, to introduce the relevant standardization system, the joint industry association to establish a standardized system and improve. In the recently held second Chengdu International Medical Industry Conference and “Medical Beauty Capital” Summit Forum, Zhao Yan also proposed that the country for the development of the medical and American industry also has a special project, in addition to the promotion of the state, from the enterprise and industry level, the need to comply with social trends, actively participate in it,

Develop self-regulatory conventions that can really give industry guidance.

In June 2019, in response to the phenomenon of illegal medical beauty, the National Health and Care Commission said that the Current China Plastic and Aesthetic Association is studying the development of a credit evaluation management system, to pilot in some areas of cosmetic medical institutions credit evaluation. According to a close to the National Health and Care Commission experts to the media revealed that the current situation in the medical beauty market, the state is revising the “medical beauty services management measures”, medical services market will be further standardized.

In the future, the medical market or end the irregular barbarism growth, the industry to achieve sustainable development. Source: 21st Century Economic Report

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