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MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Moapin Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 17Kpa strong Suction 2 with 1 stick vacuum ultra-quiet handheld vacuum LED upgrade with inside floor head Nitdick motor
Item Dimension
49.2L X 10.8W X 9.4H inches
What’s the difference between the new version and the older version?
LED floor brush head: Built-in rigid nylon bristle and soft bristle, dust and small debris like rice, combs, small flat paper, gloss, etc. perform well on the stiff floors and carpets.
2-in-1 cleaning brush: upgrades to the large suction nozzle, improved cleaning efficiency, suitable for the cleaning of the bristle vehicle, even the material and, to the precision.
2-in-1 square brush: The frame with a brush can be removed by pushing to the right. The design for the Washuk home vendor, curtains, etc.
Product DescriptionPackage ContentsMain motor with 1.17 KPa suction
2. Led development for all floors electric floor head
3. Charging base (wall bracket)
4. Narrow spots for the Dorar nozzle
5. Upgrade 2-in-1 cleaning brush
6.2-in-a-square brush for cleaning furniture
7. Light aluminum Alloy Tube

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